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frequently asked questions

TeraRave is a platform for placing delivery request. We connect businesses with delivery needs to drivers using our technology.

Request for the store number of the store/business you are initiating the transaction from and enter it in your request form.

TeraRave allows you to pay securely online with your card, your account details, or through short USSD codes. You can also pay to the store you initiated the delivery request through any of the store’s acceptable means of payment (cash, POS, transfer).

Send an email to with the item code, store number and account details. You will be contacted to provide your account details and your money will be reimbursed immediately. If you paid in cash, the store you initiated your transaction will be contacted to reimburse you.

You can drop your receiver’s code for whoever you’ll like to pick up the item. The receiver’s code will be tendered to the driver to enable the person help you pick up the item.

Our system will match you with the nearest driver immediately after your payment is confirmed. The driver reaches you in less than 1 hour. You can drop the package at the store and it will be delivered to the destination address safely.

Ensure that you have filled in all the necessary information (most users forget to select pick-up options) before clicking proceed.

You will receive an item code after your order has been placed. Enter the code in the Track Your Item input field to get the exact location of your package. Occasionally you’ll get an SMS update of your item at intervals.